Hubei Wuhan Yongjia Patent Agency Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company) was founded by an attorney team of the former Hubei Patent Agency in June, 2001 and is one of first-batch patent agencies in the nationwide and the earliest one in Hubei Province. Since its foundation, the company has been devoted to providing high-quality and efficient intellectual property legal services for people in all walks of life, especially, services for patent legal affairs. The total quantity of patents handled by the company over the years ranks top in Hubei Province, especially, the quantity of patents for invention applied for as well as granted ranks first in Hubei Province for years in a row. The patents for invention handled by the company also account for a largest proportion in Hubei Province.


An exclusive implementation right enjoyed by an inventor-creator or an assignee to a specific invention-creation within a certain time limit under the law


A mark for distinguishing goods or services, which is composed of words, figures, letters or the like or a combination of the above elements


A right (including the property right and the personal right) enjoyed by an author of a literary, artistic or scientific work to the work


In the company, each intellectual achievement will go through 12 procedures and 3 times of manual search and review, namely, multiple search and check


Senior intellectual property specialists go deep into the technical solutions, communicate very well with each other in terms of thoughts and make the technologies real


Each technical innovation is worth carefully protecting and each intellectual achievement needs a legal identity


High quality of service

The total quantity of the patents for invention ranks the first in the whole province.
The authorization rate of the patents for invention ranks the first in the whole province.

High success rate of rights protection

Senior intellectual property attorneys and lawyers provide professional support, infringement analysis, evidence preservation, lawsuit in a court session and the like in the whole process so as to protect the intellectual property comprehensively

Many fields of service

Having numerous clients and rich service experience in industries such as high-end manufacturing, architecture, automobiles, logistics, foods, electronics, biotechnology, energy, environmental protection and chemical industry

Strong talent foundation

There are more than 600 square meters of office space and a staff of over 60 people including over 30 practicing attorneys, more than ten attorney assistants and many others in the Trademark and International Department, the Office and process management

Rich scientific research resources

Associated with many “985 Project” universities, “211 Project” universities and scientific research institutions in Wuhan to promote technology assignment and realize high matching of the technology to the market

Wide coverage

Service agencies are widely located in many cities in the whole province and covers major economic cities in the province, such as Wuhan, Xiaogan, Jingmen, Huangshi and Ezhou


The company undertakes various businesses such as applications for domestic and foreign patents, trademarks and software copyrights, patent search and analysis, high-value patent layout reports, and patent invalidation, infringement and litigation. If you are interested or have any questions, welcome to contact us or leave a comment. We are expecting to work with you!